Armada AR8 ZERO

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  • Sidecut: 119-86-109
  • Camber Type: Camber
  • Flex: 7.5
  • Waist Width (mm): 86
  • Turn Radius (m): 20.5
  • Terrain: Park 

This season sees the iconic AR8 released as part of Armada’s Zero Collection. With premium construction and versatility, the AR8 Zero is the serious park skier’s do-everything tool. Boasting a responsive flex pattern that keeps the ski lively and powerful. One of the most decorated park skis in tests year after year, the AR8 Zero is a staple of the Armada line for good reason.

Only Armada’s most iconic skis have made it into the Zero Collection. Created exclusively for core skiers and sold only by Armada’s most valued retailers, the Zero Collection features exclusive colourways, details and premium construction not seen anywhere else in the Armada line. You won’t find these anywhere else in the UK as Freeze have exclusivity on the entire collection.

The AR8 Zero is built around Armada’s Power-lite core, a 100% full wood construction, fine-tuned with hardwood stringers, resulting in increased tip-to-tail power transfer without becoming aggressive and unmanageable.

Standard traditional camber from tip-to-tail enhances the ease of entry into, and exit out of, the turn, while maintaining solid edge hold. This creates a ski which is lively and performance driven, meaning you can really dig an edge in when initiating rotations off kickers or riding bullet-proof pipe walls.

The AR50 Sidewall is comprised of cap construction in the tip and tail with full sidewall underfoot. This helps to balance performance with reduced swing-weight and increased durability. The capped construction of the nose and tail offer increased flexibility meaning that the ski is more relaxed upon entry and exit of turns. This works in unison with the full ABS sidewall underfoot which holds the edge and remains confident throughout the turn.

The 2.5mm Impact Edge is Armada’s heaviest duty rail. Heat treated for increased strength and durability, it’s heavily overbuilt to withstand impact against rails, boxes, trees and rocks without resulting in an edge buckle or worse, a blowout.

The AR8 Zero benefits from super-charged performance thanks to Carbon/Kevlar struts, alternating stringers of carbon fibre and high tensile Kevlar, which increase response, improve power transfer, add pop and extend the life of the ski.

The fibreglass Laminate Matrix topsheet is woven to create a directional flex pattern and torsional rigidity. The result is a ski which retains drive through the tail and responsive edge-to-edge power transfer.

Topped off with Armada’s premium Comp Series base, their fastest and highest quality base, offering lightning fast top speed with great durability and impact resistance.

What we say: “If you want a good ol’ fashioned park and pipe ski that you won’t see everywhere, then the Armada AR8 is the logical choice.”